Can You Tell Me The Way?

Journey's End

As we approach the end of our journey, it is helpful to look back on the way we have travelled and the different directions we have taken. We are now coming full circle. Let us summarise the changes of direction that have brought to this point. Part one set out an ideal, a God of infinite and eternal goodness. Parts two to eight describe seven changes of direction, one away from that ideal, the others, slowly and painstakingly, bringing us back to it.
The first change was to the way of SELF-INDULGENCE. Along this way we sought to be in charge of our own lives, living to please ourselves. Our selfishness led us into sin, and this and the sins of others caused us to suffer. Parallel to this is the way of SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS, where we attempt to win our way into God's favour by our own efforts. This is not possible, and these parallel ways have the same destination, that is SELF-DESTRUCTION. We can go this way for a large part of our lives, but it is never too late to change. The remaining changes of direction are the slow but sure way back to God.
The way of THE CROSS is the first of these. It brings us to repentance and the confession of wrong-doing. We acknowledge our sins to ourselves and before Jesus. This is the way of FORGIVENESS, because on the Cross Jesus bore the consequences of sin and released us from the burden of guilt. Next is the way of RELEASE and FREEDOM. Now we can be set free from the power of sin that has become part of us. When we identify with Jesus on the cross, he puts to death all that is within us that is of Satan. That includes false religion, worldly attitudes and the weaknesses of our inherited nature; everything in fact that has bound us and kept us captive.
Next comes the way to THE THRONE. It is the way to recognising that Jesus is Lord, and coming in submission to him. Freely we surrender our lives to serve him. The next direction is the way to RENEWAL. Here by the work of the Holy Spirit we are being made in the image of Jesus. We are made new to exhibit the fruit of the Spirit. Then we come together in GOD'S FAMILY, called into fellowship, and equiped to serve one another. We worship and give glory to God, share the truth of his word together and pray for each other. This is the way of UNITY.
Then we came back to the WORLD. Recognising ourselves as children of God and the Body of Christ, we have to minister in the name of Jesus to the world. We have to take seriously the commission that Jesus gave to his disciples to let their light shine before men, and to take his word to the ends of the earth. We have to persevere. There will be times of testing, difficulties, even persecution, but we must not give up. Always remember that we have the resources of heaven to help us overcome.

Part Nine

The Eternal Kingdom

What can we say of our final destination? Perhaps not a great deal, because our imagination, our ability to know and having words to express are all limited. Our destination is one of indescribable beauty, splendour and wonder. In the simplest of terms we can only say that we shall be in the very presence of God. We shall see Jesus face to face, and experience the reality of holiness and perfection.

The word that people commonly use for our destination is heaven. This is the dwelling place of God. Jesus taught his disciples to pray to "Our Father in heaven". It is the dwelling place of Jesus; the pre-existent Jesus, the Word who was with the Father in the beginning; but also Jesus now, risen, ascended, exalted, seated at the right hand of the Father and reigning in majesty and glory. It is also the dwelling place of the angels, some described specifically in Revelation, others referred to as the angelic host who worship God and are his messengers.