Can You Tell Me The Way?

Towards a Point of Decision

We are approaching a time of decision. Indeed, the decision may have been made already, but it needs to be confirmed and expressed. Have we increased our understanding of God? Do we accept that he is perfect in goodness, that he is absolute and unchanging truth, that he loves us and desires a restored relationship with us? We need to recognise the nature of God as we see it in Jesus. In Luke we have have been able to see Jesus, his message and his ministry. Have we understood that Jesus shares the divine nature, and that looking at Jesus we see the Father? Jesus said, "Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me." (John 14 v. 11). When we call Jesus "Lord" we are recognising his divine authority. We need to commit our lives to him, and desire to live in obedience to him. This is the decision we can now choose to make.

Part Five

Submission to Jesus

We said in Part 4 that our being made holy has got two aspects, one negative, the other positive. We are being changed, and that means changed from something, and changed into something. We used analogies like taking off old clothes and putting on new, or emptying out the old nature and filling again with the new. What is being discarded or emptied is the old life and nature of habitual sin, and the desires and impulses to sin. What we put on or receive is the new nature and the new life, which is the nature and life of Jesus. We shall learn the experience of receiving the new nature, the righteousness of Jesus in Part 6. This part is by way of being a brief but very necessary intervention. Something important needs to be done, and this is the best time to do it.

This change which we are interrupting is a work of God, manifested through the Holy Spirit. However it requires an act of will on our part. Even though we cannot do it ourselves, it has to be something we want, are gratefully accepting, and not having imposed upon us. This act of will is a surrendering to God, asking him to do in us what we are incapable of doing ourselves. We have been doing this tacitly, as we have been open to the ministrations of the Holy Spirit. Now we need to declare before God, truly and unequivocally, where we stand and what we desire. We must understand what it is we are asking for, and why we are asking. Do we want to be remade in the image of Jesus, and what are the motives that prompt us to pray for this to happen?