Can You Tell Me The Way?


Your Life as a Journey

Where are you going? I do not mean today or in the near future, I mean during the whole of your life. Have you got in mind some purpose or destination? Do you know why you are here, and if there is any meaning in what you are doing? Many story-tellers and poets have pictured life as a kind of journey. There is a setting out, then a travelling along life's road, and finally a journey's end. We are born, live out our lives, and we die. It is our destination that poses our first question. What comes next? Is it nothing or a continuing existence? For those who believe in God who is good and just eternal life in his presence is a possibility provided they are judged to be worthy. There are conditional promises, and believing the promises and accepting the conditions is the way to travel our journey and live out our lives.

What follows describes the life's journey whose destination is God's eternal kingdom. It can be read from the beginning in its entirety, or if you are already on the way, you can join at the point where you are at. This is how the journey is mapped out.

Part 1 describes the ideal destination of our life's journey. It is the Kingdom of God, where is to be found infinite and eternal goodness and love.

Part 2 explains other aims for our life's endeavours by which we may be tempted. These are based on seeking our own self-interest and desiring only self-gratification. They are the cause of wrong-doing, and result in much of our suffering.

Part 3 is called Back on Track. When we realise that we are going wrong, there is the possibity of rescue. We can recover from past mistakes, failures and wrong-doing. This is the way of the Cross and is made available by Jesus. In his sacrificial death he took upon himself the punishment we deserve, and our past sins are removed. Guilt and shame are lifted from us.

Part 4 is called Disposing of Baggage. On this road too we need a willingness to change. We have to be set free from ingrained attitudes, habits and lifestyle which have been so harmful. Their causes need to be traced to their origins and eliminated.

Part 5 At this point we pause because a decision needs to be made. Now we should have a clear understanding of Jesus Christ, of who he is and what he has done for us. Are we impressed enough to want him as a role model? Can we acknowledge him not only as Saviour but as Lord?