Can You Tell Me The Way?

IntroductionLife is Like a Journey
Part OneWhat is our Destination?Awareness of God and his Kingdom.
Part TwoMaking a DiversionThe way to self-gratification and to self-destruction.
Part ThreeBack on TrackThe way to the Cross to find forgiveness.
Part FourDisposing of BaggageRelease from the power of sinfulness.
Part FiveTo the Throne of GraceSubmission to Jesus.
Part SixTo New Life in ChristTransformed and empowered by the Holy Spirit.
Part SevenConverging PathsFinding unity in God's family.
Part EightInto but No Longer Of the WorldEquipped and protected for service and testing.
Part NineJourney's EndComing full circle.

This is an account of life's journey into the Christian faith. It is for those seeking the way to God's Eternal Kingdom, and for those already travelling on that way. It is based on the Bible, the teaching of Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Linking to the points of the compass it shows how we can change the direction of our lives and reach our desired destination.

Each point of turning is necessary. However, the order and the speed of the changes may not be the same for every individual. We are all different, and God deals with each of us appropriately: also our responses to him will vary from person to person.

You can work through the suggested studies individually or as part of a group. The first way you can proceed at your own speed. The second way you can compare your experiences with those of others.