Is God real?


In this column there are confirming Bible texts.

Romans 2:7 means the Book of Romans Chapter 2 and verse 7.

Welcome to "The Way to Eternity"

This is a message about the Christian faith, which is the promise of everlasting life. It is for believers and enquirers, and especially for those asking the question, "How can I be certain that the promise of eternal life is for me?"

Eternal life becomes possible through a right relationship with God. This message is divided into two parts, "What must I know?" and "What must I do?" Our understanding and active response are helped by the Holy Spirit, the revealer of truth and the empowerer of action. Everything is grounded in the Bible, that is in the Scriptures of the Old and the New Testaments. It requires our humility to accept that this is God's gift to those who believe, and cannot be a reward for our own efforts and achievements.

"What must I know?" is about recognising our need to find or return to God, whose kingdom is in eternity. It explains what is required to satisfy that need. This includes how our reconciliation with God requires changed attitudes and lifestyle. These are possible through the life and death of Jesus. His life, in charactor and action, provides our example. His death on the Cross, by which he took the punishment for sin, enables our forgiveness, and makes possible the overcoming of evil desires. A necessary life of goodness in preparation for eternity comes through the transforming and empowering ministry of the Holy Spirit. Believing in Jesus as resurrected Lord brings us into the family of God, and the promise of resurrection life for ourselves.

"What must I do?" is really about what you are willing to let God do. There needs to be a willingness to change and a readiness to believe the words and promises of Jesus. Believing requires a commitment and an openness to receive all that God has for us. This includes a new and transformed life which is available through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. It is a life of inspired and empowered service, not to seek reward, but to show gratitude for the promised gift, "that whoever believes shall not perish but have eternal life".

Important life-changing decisions have to be made, so please read on to find out more.

Following this we have a longer and more in-depth study. It is called "Can you tell me the way?" It is intended for those who are seriously wanting to continue with something of a more detailed nature. Please click the link on the left to access.